Sustainable Tourism

Mora-Travel is more and more committed in sustainable tourism.


What does sustainable tourism means?

Sustainable tourism is the application of sustainable development in tourism industry. According to Bruntland, sustainable development is « development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”


Our commitment for sustainable tourism in Madagascar

Mora-Travel is committed to organize eco-aware travels, respectful towards Malagasy cultures, for which local population can get benefit from tourist activities.

By travelling with Mora-Travel, you live an unforgettable experience! You discover an exceptional fauna and flora without disrupting their habitat, and you meet welcoming and kindly people.

To know more about our commitment, please download our Mora-Travel Chart

Our missions

Our mission is to organize the best travel for you, and without compromising the environment and the Malagasy population. Mora-Travel has for mission to encourage the rise of sustainable tourism in Madagascar by

  • protecting its employees, its tourists and the local community
  • limiting water and energy consumptions
  • preserving the environment
  • respecting the autochthons’ culture
  • sensitizing every people involved


The Sustainable Tourism Policy 

Mora-Travel’s goal is to contribute to sustainable development in Madagascar putting into practice sustainable tourism. Thus, Mora-Travel is committed to respect its objectives of improve the economic performance, by limiting negative impacts on the environment and the society.

Through the sustainable tourism policy, Mora-Travel durably supervise the actions to do in order to respect its commitment towards the protectiong of natural environment, the improvment of sociocultural environment, and the fair growth of economic environment.

An action plan is also associated with the policy, which enable to draw up a concrete report about the actions to undertake. Among the actions, the priorities are to improve the quality of our prestations, to assure a responsible human ressources management, to reduce water and energy consumption, to minimize the wastes, to protect the biodiversity, to support local communities, to be committed in people protection, to fight against sexual tourism, to raise awareness and inform about sustainable tourism and to develop lasting parterships.

By sharing our Sustainable Tourism Policy, Mora-Travel allows everyone to be informed of our objectives and hopes to inspire you for adopting responsible behaviors and for considering a lasting collaboration.


Your participation

Because everyone can act for a sustainable tourism to the extent he can, we invite you to download the Mora-Travel traveller chart.


Sustainable Tourism in Madagascar by Mora-Travel

The Travelife Program

We are very proud to announce that we became Travelife Certified Partner! Travelife is an initiative dedicated to promoting sustainable practices within the travel and tourism industry. Mora-Travel is committed to sustainable tourism, therefore (after an on-site assessment) we have been elevated from Travelife Partner to Certified Partner.


The Code Program

The Code

We are also committed in the fight against sexual tourism and sexual exploitation of children. We are an official member of The Code, an international organization aiming to prevent sexual exploitation of children.


The support to ABECOLE NGO logo-abecole sustainable tourism madagascar

Mora-Travel supports the NGO A Bonne Ecole (ABECOLE). It is a non governemental organization which take care of children in poverty situation. They are offering education and health for the most destitute children of